The best darn fly shop in  eastern and central Maine!

Rod Building

We stock a wide variety of products to meet your rod building needs.

Grips (cork and EVA foam)

Reel Seats (graphite, wood insert, graphite insert)

Blanks (TFO, St. Croix, , Beulah, Sage, Batson)

Guides/Tiptops (H & H, Snake, Fuji, Pac Bay)

Thread (Nylon, metallic, color fast)

Tools (burnishing tool, x-acto knives)

Rod Finish (Flex Coat)

We are building up our inventory of fly fishing equipment.  We currently are a dealer for the following products:

Echo rods/reels

Airflo (lines, leaders, poly leaders, tippets)

RIO (lines, leaders, tippets)

We also have various other rods, reels and lines in stock. We have a decent inventory of tied flies.

Fly Fishing

Fly Tying

12 Acme Rd Suite 211 
Brewer, ME 04412

We try to stock a wide range of fly tying materials.  We have

Capes/saddles (Whilting, Keough, Metz)

Hooks (Mustad, Partridge, ARF)

Chenille (crystal, rayon, Estaz)

Dubbing (synthetic and natural)

Synthetics (Shimmer Fringe, Krystal Flash)

UV Resins (Solarez)

Tails (Buck, calf, squirrel)

Hair (deer, elk, rabbit, hare's mask, Arctic fox, Finn raccoon)

Feathers (Schlappen, strung saddle, crests/tippets, teal, mallard)

Much, much more

We also carry:

Thread (UTC, UNI, Danville, Gel Spun, Mono)

Wire (UTC, Danville, lead)

Floss (Uni, Danville, stretch)

Tinsel (Danville, UTC, UNI)

Vinyl rib

Beads (tungsten, brass, glass/plastic)

Eyes (dumbbell, stick on)

Much, much more

We also carry one of the largest "stable" of vises in the state.  All ready for you to sit down and try.  Dyna-King, HMH, Regal, Danvise, Norvise, and more.  We have bobbins, scissors, dubbing twisters, whip finish tools, stackers, hackle pliers, etc.

We place orders frequently, if we don't have what you are looking for, please let us know.  We are happy to try to order it in for you.  If you want it, chances are someone else will too!